Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strathmore Christmas Market

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share with you some pictures from the market.  It was the place to be on Saturday!  So many booths full of wonderful craftsmanship.  Amazing!  Thank you to everyone who came to our booth.  It was a great day!

Every inch of our tree was covered in beautiful rustic ornaments.  It looks like it has wings (lol) but those are actually two wreaths that are handing in the back.  Among the many items beneath the tree, is one of Anne's beautifully sewn casserole carriers.

Such a busy day!

Aprons, purses, and the softest, warmest scarves you could ever hope to wear!

This little angel was up at 6 am with her mom, to come help us, and worked steadily all day 
until 4 pm.  Her smile and enthusiasm stole everyone's heart!

Our scented potpourri's were a huge hit.  
Anne was kept busy describing the different scents to many an enthusiastic customer.

Behind Katrina, you can see more of Anne's beautiful sewing.  She is a very accomplished quilter and she is known for her GORGEOUS table runners.

Last, but not least, my granddaughter came to visit us in her most beautiful party dress and princess gloves.  "Isn't she a sweetheart?" asks her doting grandmother.  :)  She quickly noticed the booth across from us was selling cupcakes!  They were SO good!

Take care and see you at the next market!


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